Tween Girls Room

Our daughter is 10, which is not officially a tween but is getting close. She is starting to move away from some of the sweet, little, pink girly tings into things a little more bold and fun.

Her bedroom formerly belonged to a toddler girl and was a sweet pink and brown.



3 walls were pink and one was brown. As part of her birthday gift we said that we would buy her a new bed spread and paint her room…it took us 5 months to make good on that whole promise.

First we had to prep the room. We knew that we were also going to be changing out her trim so I started by ripping off the old stuff. The previous owners were very caulk happy and it is on EVERYTHING! So first I ran a utility knife along the top of the base board to break the seal.


Then I used my favorite 5 in 1 tool to pry it off. It actually came off quite easily!


I scraped the excess caulk off the wall and was ready to paint. Our new trim was going to be taller so I wasn’t worried about how the bottom of the wall looked, it would be covered.


My mom came over and we spent the day painting! It was quite the difference!


It took us another full day to change out all the trim. I grew up in a farmhouse and have a love for them and other things that are old. We decided to trim out the windows and doors with that classic look in mind. We followed this tutorial, minus the stool part. We also used a 1×6 for the top casing (instead of a 1×4) because we preferred the look of it.


It really wasn’t that hard that hard of a project and made a HUGE impact. All of the  running up and down stairs to make cuts took up a lot of time though!

Here was her door before:


and after:


BIG difference! Right?

Her closet before:


and after:


I just LOVE looking at it! We do still need to do something about those closet doors though. I’m thinking of just painting them to save the $100 it would cost to replace them with white.

I also have a tutorial on her easy DIY  bulletin board coming soon 🙂

Her baseboards were a colonial style the was bought at our local hardware store. I liked that they were taller at 4.5inches but still has a little bit of interest with the curved top. We decided to use corner blocks for ease of installation. Crisp, white trim just looks so clean!


And due to the reality of my pack rat daughter we haven’t seen the baseboard since it was put in…. ugh!

Here is one final look before you go, because before and afters are the best!





It’s so much brighter! J and I are really antsy to work on the next room (we eventually have to re-do the whole house)!







Week in Review Oct.10-15

week in review

The Good:

-J and I went on a 2 night mini-vacation. We had an envelope of money set aside for meals and anything fun we wanted to do. We came home with $30 left in it.

-J’s sister stayed with our kids (for Free!) she also took them to an apple orchard and they had TONS of fun. I’m not so sure they wanted us to come home!

-J and I went over our plan of attack for the mortgage as well as different projects around the house. Feels good to verify that we are on the same page.

-We were able to put $400 in retirement.

-I got a $25 gas card with debit card points.

-We were able to get a smaller garbage can from the city which will save us $50 a year.

The Bad:

-Thankfully I can’t think of any bad this week. Which is a welcome relief after the last couple of weeks of major expenses!



Week In Review Oct 3-8

week in review

The good:

-We were able to pay cash for dental work J had done this week $510! Ouch!

-Our water bill for September was quite a bit less than it has been due to the chillier weather…no more playing in the sprinkler 🙂

-I ordered custom birthday invitations and thank you’s for our soon-to-be 9 year old using a coupon code and Ebates. With shipping and envelopes they were 92 cents each.

-Found a few Christmas gifts on sale for 50% off!

-Gave all the boys haircuts saving us about $50

-We got our 1/2 hog this week and it ended up costing less than I was anticipating, so we had extra money set aside.

-We returned unused items and used a rebate to buy one of the last fire pits of the season.

The bad:

-Our emergency fund is down due to all the car expenses last week and dental bills this week 🙁

-We need to re-group and tighten down our budget a little, we’ve gotten a little lax lately.






I am Spoiled

I am spoiled. I have a servant, or is that not the proper word anymore. Maid, assistant…whatever the correct term is now; I have a couple of them. They help me get more done in a day than I could by myself. My helpers take care of menial tasks for me so I can focus on other things. My helper’s name is an appliance 🙂 I know…not what you were expecting, but think about it for a minute.

200 years ago how did they do laundry? Each person had maybe 3 outfits (2 work dresses and 1 Sunday dress) and laundry was a day long ordeal. You had to haul the water from the well or river, heat it, scrub the clothes by hand, hang them to dry, and repeat. The harsh soap made your hands raw. It was very hot and sweaty work. How do you do laundry today? I’m doing laundry right now! I am lucky enough to put in a load of clothes, add some soap, push a button, and walk away. When the machine beeps I transfer it to the dryer (or hang it outside) and start the next load. I still may spend a whole day doing laundry but my day is not consumed with that one task. I also have plenty of time to do other things at the same time I am washing clothes.

I can wash a days’ worth of dishes while I am sleeping at night. After each meal we load our dirty dishes in the dishwasher and before we go to bed we push the start button. We have crock-pots and ovens that don’t need to be constantly monitored. We have microwaves that can heat up a meal in 2 minutes. We have indoor plumbing. No more emptying chamber pots or midnight runs to the outhouse. A bath no longer requires the chore of hauling and heating water. We just turn on the spout and relax.

I know that I take these modern ‘maids’ for granted all the time. I still feel like I don’t get anything done in a day. Perhaps I need to prioritize better? As I am writing this I am washing one load of laundry, drying another, washing dishes AND baking muffins! At the SAME TIME. Can you imagine what our ancestors would think of these conveniences? It would blow their minds! So yes, I am spoiled and so are you 🙂

Week In Review Sept 26-Oct1

week in review

The Good:

-J took some vacation days and we got a lot done around the house. Trim, staining the deck, and some yard work. These were all things we had already purchased supplies for and just needed time to accomplish.

-We’ve been doing pretty good with eating at home and also keeping our grocery bill down.

-Due to vehicles not working (bad) we stayed home all week saving on gas money!


The Bad:

-My van was due for an oil change and a few days before it was scheduled it started making a grinding noise. Turns out it needed the rear brakes replaced and 4 new tires.

-The battery in J’s vehicle died.

-With the above problems we spent almost $1,000 in vehicle repairs this week! Ouch! We were able to cash flow about $200 set aside for repairs (no extra mortgage payment this month) but had to dip into our emergency fund for the rest.