Financial Review – November

How did we do with our November goals?

We hit them all! Yay!

-My two events for my business allowed us to put and extra $200 on the mortgage.

-We funded our ROTH and kids college

-We insulated our attic and came in WAY under budget, which allowed us to be able to purchase the trim for our upstairs bathroom and our bedroom.

-Christmas shopping is completed and almost everything is wrapped.

-We got our air ducts cleaned…they were GROSS (which is hopefully why we have been having so many allergy problems) and we had the cash saved.

Looking ahead to December….

-I have one work event scheduled. This one is a little more involved than normal so I won’t see my profit from it until next year.

-Christmas! Which is already paid for!

-Our Christmas meals with family are always potluck style with me providing the main dish (Christmas Day) and/or sides (other family get togethers)

-We will again be funding our ROTH and 2 oldest kid’s college.

-We plan to put $150 extra on our mortgage.

-We need to sit down together and plan out our 2017 financial goals to ensure that we are on the same page.

Week in Review Nov 28-Dec3

week in review

The good:

-We received the $50 gift card rebate from our tire purchase in September

-A local discount store had clothes B1G1 free! I bought 6 shirts and 2 packs of socks for $28 (normally $58)!

-We used the weekend to get our pendant lights up and finish the trim in our room and the bathroom. Now I have to paint it all.

-J’s employer gave us a $25 gift card to a grocery store for Thanksgiving.


The bad:

-Ate out one too many times (again) and went $20 over budget.


It was a pretty uneventful week.

Week in review Nov 21-26

week in review

The good:

-We paid cash ($400) to get our heating/cooling system air ducts cleaned. They were pretty nasty (the previous owners had 3 dogs indoors and did quite a bit of remodeling). We are hoping that will help with our allergy problems.

-I found a great deal on a bedspread on Black Friday. It was the only thing that I bought that day and it was online. A king size that was originally $160; I paid $20 shipped! It wasn’t the original one that I was saving for, but for that price I figured I could afford to give it a try!

-J spent his Black Friday working on putting up all the trim we purchased last week.

-Thanksgiving is potluck style with J’s family. I made mashed potatoes and a corn bake. I think I spent less than $10 on both. His mom sent us home with leftovers.

-We attended our city’s Christmas parade and then came home to warm up by the fireplace.

The bad:

-When we were putting up Christmas decorations, I realized we needed (wanted) more lights. I went to our local discount store and bought 3 packs of outdoor LED for $5 each. Plus, an extra indoor set for $3.


Little Boys Closet

We have 3 boys, ages 9, 6, and 4, and they all share a bedroom. Which means that they also share a closet. They do not have a dresser in their room so we were simply putting their folded clothes on their closet shelves. 3 boys + folded clothes = mess!


I decided to come up with a way to keep their clothes neater and ended up using the same dish tubs that I use for the kids laundry.


They are under $4 at Walmart and work great! I decided to put labels on them so that there was no question about where things belonged. I pulled out my Cricut and Everyday Paper Dolls cartridge to cut some shirts and pants out of vinyl.


I pulled all the clothes out of the the boys closet and separated them, before putting everything back in the correct boxes. Now the shelves look neat even when they unfold their clothes and just throw them in the bin.


The middle shelf of folded clothes are seasonal items and they have a hard time reaching that shelf so it stay pretty clean 😉

The upper shelf holds the sheets for each bed.

The section on the left is for my oldest son. He has two bins with his hanging clothes beneath. The middle son is in the middle and has the same set up as the older one. The youngest sons things are on the far right in the lower baskets. He can’t reach the other shelf yet so I put his baskets on top of the 3 drawer unit that holds their socks and underwear (they each get one drawer).


This system seems to be working well.

I am happy that it was a quick, easy, and inexpensive!




Week In Review Nov 14-19

week in review

The good:

-We put $400 into our ROTH

-I had an event for my business that allowed me to put an extra $200 on our mortgage.

-We made our monthly contribution to our oldest 2 kids 529’s

-We returned our unused attic insulation. I was going to purchase pendant lights with the refund but didn’t find any I liked at that particular store so we ended up buying trim for our bedroom and upstairs bathroom instead. We got super lucky and found cut off pieces of our baseboard trim (all about 5-6ft long) in the discount bin for $2 each! We bought all the baseboard for both rooms for $22 (original cost $62)!

-I filled up our van for $24. Gas is only $1.99 right now, plus I earn points at our grocery store that translated into $.39 off per gallon!

-I went through a bunch of baby clothes (our youngest is 4) and donated a couple of garbage bags and small boxes full of items. We always get a receipt and itemize on our taxes.

-I earned $5 from the Saving Star app and had it deposited it into my paypal account.

-We received a refund from insurance for not having any claims in the last year.

-I bought my pendant lights with the above refund. I purchased a discounted gift card to save a few extra dollars.

The bad:

-We ate out more than we should have going over budget by $20.

-Even with our great deal on baseboard trim, and our store credit for the return, we still spent more than we intended on that particular trip to the home improvement store. Home improvement stores are our downfall 🙁 Thankfully we were able to cut some other things to cover the cost.

-I bought a sandwich for my work event instead of making one at home.




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