About Me

What do you choose to tell others when you are introducing yourself for the first time? You don’t want to over share, but you also don’t want to be standoff-ish (Is that even a word?). I guess that I will start with the basics and share more as we get to know one another better.

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I will do my best to be honest with you. That is why I am going to tell you, up front, that I am writing under a pseudonym. My husband and I talked it over and decided that, at least for nowt, we were not comfortable with having our real names on this blog. All the stories about our family will be real however, I will not refer to my husband or children by their names to protect the innocent  🙂  I will also not post pictures of the front’s of my family’s faces. This is our personal decision and we may change this decision in the future but for now I hope that it does not keep me from getting to know you!

I have been married to a wonderful guy (who shall be referred to as Hubby or J) for 11 years. We have four children, a girl and three boys, ages 10 and under, whom we home school. I grew up in a one-income family on a tight budget and learned the value of a deal early on. J and I have been a one income family since I got incredibly sick during my first pregnancy, which was shortly after we got married.

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At age 19, I was suddenly a young wife and mother in charge of the family finances and quickly learned how fast money could be spent. In an effort to make things stretch I started looking into ways to save money. Over the last 11 years my reputation has grown as a deal seeker, frugal mom, and DIY’er. We spent our first 10 year of marriage fixing up our first home and doing almost all of it ourselves. It was a great learning experience and money saver!

4 years ago we finally got frustrated enough to change our financial habits and have been a debt-free (except for our mortgage), cash only family for the last 3 1/2 years.

My hopes through starting this blog is simply to share what I have learned with others. To help you get your finances in order, to help you save money, to give you the courage to try some DIY projects.

In a nutshell:

-I like to save money

-I like to write

-I like to help others with their finances

-I like to DIY

-I’m sarcastic

-and I like lists 🙂

This is where I get to voice my thoughts, opinions, and share projects in (hopefully) coherent sentences without a child interrupting me.

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