Little Boys Closet

We have 3 boys, ages 9, 6, and 4, and they all share a bedroom. Which means that they also share a closet. They do not have a dresser in their room so we were simply putting their folded clothes on their closet shelves. 3 boys + folded clothes = mess!


I decided to come up with a way to keep their clothes neater and ended up using the same dish tubs that I use for the kids laundry.


They are under $4 at Walmart and work great! I decided to put labels on them so that there was no question about where things belonged. I pulled out my Cricut and Everyday Paper Dolls cartridge to cut some shirts and pants out of vinyl.


I pulled all the clothes out of the the boys closet and separated them, before putting everything back in the correct boxes. Now the shelves look neat even when they unfold their clothes and just throw them in the bin.


The middle shelf of folded clothes are seasonal items and they have a hard time reaching that shelf so it stay pretty clean ๐Ÿ˜‰

The upper shelf holds the sheets for each bed.

The section on the left is for my oldest son. He has two bins with his hanging clothes beneath. The middle son is in the middle and has the same set up as the older one. The youngest sons things are on the far right in the lower baskets. He can’t reach the other shelf yet so I put his baskets on top of the 3 drawer unit that holds their socks and underwear (they each get one drawer).


This system seems to be working well.

I am happy that it was a quick, easy, and inexpensive!




Tween Girls Room

Our daughter is 10, which is not officially a tween but is getting close. She is starting to move away from some of the sweet, little, pink girly tings into things a little more bold and fun.

Her bedroom formerly belonged to a toddler girl and was a sweet pink and brown.



3 walls were pink and one was brown. As part of her birthday gift we said that we would buy her a new bed spread and paint her room…it took us 5 months to make good on that whole promise.

First we had to prep the room. We knew that we were also going to be changing out her trim so I started by ripping off the old stuff. The previous owners were very caulk happy and it is on EVERYTHING! So first I ran a utility knife along the top of the base board to break the seal.


Then I used my favorite 5 in 1 tool to pry it off. It actually came off quite easily!


I scraped the excess caulk off the wall and was ready to paint. Our new trim was going to be taller so I wasn’t worried about how the bottom of the wall looked, it would be covered.


My mom came over and we spent the day painting! It was quite the difference!


It took us another full day to change out all the trim. I grew up in a farmhouse and have a love for them and other things that are old. We decided to trim out the windows and doors with that classic look in mind. We followed this tutorial, minus the stool part. We also used a 1×6 for the top casing (instead of a 1×4) because we preferred the look of it.


It really wasn’t that hard that hard of a project and made a HUGE impact. All of theย  running up and down stairs to make cuts took up a lot of time though!

Here was her door before:


and after:


BIG difference! Right?

Her closet before:


and after:


I just LOVE looking at it! We do still need to do something about those closet doors though. I’m thinking of just painting them to save the $100 it would cost to replace them with white.

I also have a tutorial on her easy DIYย  bulletin board coming soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Her baseboards were a colonial style the was bought at our local hardware store. I liked that they were taller at 4.5inches but still has a little bit of interest with the curved top. We decided to use corner blocks for ease of installation. Crisp, white trim just looks so clean!


And due to the reality of my pack rat daughter we haven’t seen the baseboard since it was put in…. ugh!

Here is one final look before you go, because before and afters are the best!





It’s so much brighter! J and I are really antsy to work on the next room (we eventually have to re-do the whole house)!







Master Bedroom Refresh

*Disclosure: I seriously need to work on my photography skills….and not take pictures with my phone! I almost forgot pictures altogether so I guess this is better than nothing…

When we moved into this house 5 months ago, my husband and I claimed the bedroom that belonged to the previous owners son. Hence the bright blue wall…

img_1159edit I didn’t mind the other 3 walls since they were basically white, but that blue wall was a little too bright for me to handle for long.

Since this house was built in the 70’s we also have the wonderful dark trim and doors throughout. Notice the contrast between the bedroom door, which has been updated, and those closet doors!



I had already redone some nightstands to go with my vision for this room so the next project on my list was painting the walls.

First, I ripped out ALL the dark trim. That alone made the room look bigger. Sigh of relief! Then I chose my paint color Icy Waterfall by True Value that I describe as a silvery blue. I took the kids to my mom’s for the day and it was time to paint….the color didn’t look drastically different on the 3 light walls, but boy was it noticeable on that blue wall! Bye Bye!


I did 2 coats and just made it with a gallon of paint. I was literally using a brush to get every.last.drop out of the can to finish.

I bought a $20 curtain rod and hung my new curtains high on the wall to give the illusion of high ceilings. I love how much more peaceful our bedroom feels with just a few hours of work!

img_1190edit img_1192edit

The next items on my list are:

-Changing the outdated closet doors to white 6-panel doors

-Installing white outlets and light switch

-Putting new trim up

I also have a new gray quilt on my wishlist to replace our current sage green one.





Nightstand Makeover

A couple of weeks ago these were our nightstands.


Yes, those are boxes stacked next to the bed. Classy, right? These boxes replaced the nightstands that we had had for quite a few years and just weren’t working anymore. They were too small, too short, and didn’t fit my style anymore. So I sold them and ‘temporarily’ put the boxes in place…for what ended up being 4 years! We were going to build new ones and never got around to it. I looked at just buying some but they are EXPENSIVE! So we kept the boxes.

Recently our neighbor was cleaning out his basement and asked if we were interested in 2 nightstands. We went over to take a look and they were the PERFECT size! Yes!


We quickly brought them back to our garage and I got started on their makeover. It was a very easy makeover but I didn’t take any pictures during the process ๐Ÿ™

  1. I gave them a quick sanding with 100 grit paper.
  2. I gave them 2 coats of paint.
  3. I gave them 3 coats of Poly-crylic.
  4. I spray painted the original hardware.


That’s it. It took me about a week for each end table just because they weren’t a priority and it was REALLY humid out so I made sure to let them dry a long time between coats. This update cost me nothing since I used paint left from other projects.


I LOVE how they look!!!! I’m so excited that they were free and am SO happy to put the boxes back in the closet where they belong:-)


Bathroom Makeover-Part 2

You can read Part one of this bathroom makeover here.

When I last left you with an image of our new vanity it looked like this:


It was hooked up and functioning but still wasn’t very pretty. This meant that J was basically done with his portion of the redo and it was now up to me to finish ๐Ÿ™‚

My next project was to get the back splash put up and I decided to jump on the band wagon and plank some walls. We live in a house that was built in the 70’s but we really like the farmhouse feel and that is the look I have been going for in this room. I bought some peel and stick vinyl plank flooring at a local home improvement store that was on sale for $21 (this kind) as a cheaper, and waterproof version of wood.ย  I decided to just use full planks on the back wall since the mirror would cover much of it. I spaced my planks by using 2 pennies.


Which gave me this:


and unfortunately because my surface was vertical and not perfectly smooth the edges of my planks began to do this ๐Ÿ™


So I went for the big guns (FYI- if we ever decide that we don’t like this planking anymore we will most likely have to replace all the drywall since liquid nails STICKS!)



For the side walls I staggered my ends to give a more authentic feel. I didn’t have set measurements. I just eyeballed my lengths and cut the planks with a utility knife.


I was loving how it was looking!!!


Once I had all of my planks adhered to the walls I started priming since I wanted the planks to be white when I was done. The wall behind the planks was already primed, but I wanted to get the edges of each planks as well so I made sure paint the spaces between.



Then I painted it with a semi-gloss white paint. LOVE!!!


My next task was to finish the dresser turned vanity. J worked his magic and somehow re-did the backs of the drawers so that they would fit around the plumbing. I wasn’t around for this part but they look awesome!


I had already given each drawer 2 coats of paint and 2 coats of poly. I had also spray painted the original hardware to reuse. I am thrilled with how it turned out! The drawers give me a lot more storage space than the vanity we replaced.

So as a refresher. Here is the before:


and the after:


I LOVE IT!!! We do still need to put a little filler piece on both sides of the dresser since it was just a little smaller than the space. Can you see my towel hanger on the back of the door and my wooden crate storage (I still have to do a post on that)? I really like the farmhouse feel this room has now!

Cost breakdown=

Dresser $20

Sink $110

Faucet and drain $58

Counter $17

Back splash $23

Paintย  $30 – The dark gray and poly were left from other projects. I bought white for the back splash, which will also be used for trim.

Total= $258