Frugal Friday – Cloth Napkins

I am compiling a list of 52 ways to be frugal or save money in 2017. The plan is to post one each week on Friday. Most, if not all, of these tips will be things that we actually do. However, if there is an idea that you want me to share let me know!

Tip #1- Cloth napkins

I have basic sewing skills and decided to make my own cloth napkins although you can certainly buy them in many different stores.

I purchased 2 yards of discounted cotton fabric for about $10 total and then cut it into approx 12″ squares. I did a quick straight seam around the outside and voila!

I chose to make each side a different pattern.

I can’t remember when exactly I made these napkins but it was at least 4 years ago. We use them daily and they get washed as needed. I can’t believe how well they have held up!

Price breakdown: 1 package of store brand napkins is $3. Let’s say we purchase 6 packs per year at the cost of $18. My cloth napkins paid for themselves in only 1 year! In the four years we’ve been using them we’ve saved over $72.

I do still buy a package of paper napkins each year which we use for and large parties or gatherings that we have.

This may not seem like a huge money saver but I also like the fact that it reduces garbage, especially when you have young children who don’t know how to use in moderation 🙂

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