Frugal Friday – Ditch the Cable

I am compiling a list of 52 ways to be frugal or save money in 2017. The plan is to post one each week on Friday.Most, if not all, of these tips will be things that we actually do. However, if there is an idea that you want me to share let me know!

#7- Ditch the Cable

It’s been so long since we had cable I had to look up the cost! I found one that was $30/month when bundled with two other services for a total of $90. I found another that had packages anywhere from $40-$80 per month; and a third that was from $50-$90 per month. So let’s just say that cable costs a conservative $50 per month, that is $600 per year. We have not had cable in 11 years and only subscribed to Netflix about 4 years ago which we pay about $11 for each month. That is all we have Netflix and antenna tv and we are doing just fine wasting plenty of hours watching things 😊 (This is not counting the cost of internet)

Running total of money saved:

Napkins – $18

Dryer Balls – $72

Cleaning Cloths – $84

Diva Cup – $23

Cleaning solutions – $24

HE washing machine – $210

Ditch the cable – $468

Total amount saved: $899



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